Language Qualification Assesment

Listening A1 – Individual capable of distinguishing simple words and expressions in common use related to himself, his family and the contexts in which he is inserted, when spoken clearly…Continue readingLanguage Qualification Assesment

Tips for Learning Language Alone Faster

Find out what your memory is Everyone has a different way of learning and one reason is the type of memory. Some people only learn by doing something, others by listening and several people combine them all. It is easier for you to learn a new language knowing your own: Photographic memory: easier to learn with colors, diagrams, illustrations Auditory memory: needs to be silent and listen to the teacher’s voice and repeat aloud, without the need to see Kinesthetic memory: you need to get your hands dirty, you need to live something, laboratory experiments for example Once you recognize your type of memory, it will be easier to learn a new language and focus on that style of study. I have photographic and kinesthetic memory: I learn by writing and I need to write while listening to the person speaking during class. This helps me a lot and later…

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