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English continues to be a fundamental language to stand out in the job market and live experiences abroad. However, learning Spanish is something that gains strength and emerges as a necessity and a differentiator.

The Spanish language is the second most spoken language in the world, with about 427 million native speakers accounted for in 2017, second only to Mandarin. The Englishman, at the time, was third on the list, with 339 million.

In South America, for example, the language is the majority.

Around the world, including Spain, the language is spoken in 20 countries, that is, Spanish expands the possibilities of connection with other nationalities, which are very rich in history, customs and culture.

Come study Spanish for free and online

Did you feel like starting to learn Spanish right now? Check out some tips for free Spanish courses for beginners.

The SEDA College, located school in Dublin, Ireland, launched its online platform primarily focused on teaching English to foreigners. However, the institution started to release different services, such as the Spanish course for beginners. The UNIVASF ( Federal University of São Francisco Valley ), in Pernambuco, offers an online course and totally free for those interested in learning how to speak Spanish. There is no restriction whatsoever to apply. Click here and enjoy. The online teaching platform Alison brings together several courses for those who want to get started in a new language. One of them is Introduction to Spanish, which will help the student to understand the basic concepts of the language.

Discover some YouTube channels that show you how to speak Spanish

Hola! Are we going to speak Spanish?

According to the Instituto Cervantes, in 2016 7.8% of the world’s population spoke Spanish , with 21 million students studying the language as a foreign language.

By 2050, some 754 million people are expected to speak Spanish.

To help you learn Spanish or improve your knowledge of the language, YouTube channels can be of great help.

With them you can understand Spanish words and study grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation for free.

Study Spanish and practice the language with Netflix series Are you learning Spanish and want to train the language? Or do you want to see how the natives speak Spanish, because you are going to do an exchange?

Take advantage of the holidays and weekends to get to know and watch series originally produced in the Spanish language.

Netflix, for example, offers several interesting (and popular) options between dramas and comedies.

Learn Spanish with the Rosetta Stone app

Did you know that the Rosetta Stone app brings free content to anyone who wants to learn Spanish? The lessons are fun, intuitive and immersive.

You will be able to develop essential skills in the new language naturally, without the need for translations or memorization exercises!

The app is available for iOS and Android, check it out!