New Language Apps

Innovative language apps utilize innovative new methods to assist you with improving your language abilities. Free language learning app apps offer a fun, engaging way to quickly update your language proficiency. Fun language learning app games offer an easy and effective solution for learners of all age levels. These language learning games provide the perfect method of learning a second language by immersing you in a fun activity. These language game programs are designed to teach you how to build your vocabulary, develop sentence structure, and practice reading and writing.

German language apps combine the latest technology with innovative game play to give you a fast yet effective method of learning how to speak and understand German. Free language apps for children include popular kids games including: Babble, Einstein Generator, and Slingo. Babble is a unique word game that tests your vocabulary, while Einstein Generator is a fun activity that tests your logic and problem solving skills. Slingo is a fun and exciting game that tests your hand-eye coordination and spelling. Whether you’re a novice or a professional, you can benefit from the fun and effective language learning features offered by these free language apps.

In case you aren’t aware, von Ahn’s Der Nibelungenlieder is one of the best selling language learning books in history. In this language app, Dr. von Ahn challenges you to re-invent yourself through an original story created just for you. In addition to language app downloads, this book can also be found in print. If you love the story and the concept of the game, you will love this novel! Learning a second language using language apps will provide you with the convenience of learning at your own pace and in the comfort of your own home.